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Newbie in Seattle, where to go? I only drive days


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Ok, so I am new to Uber only about 20 rides in. I am female and trying to really only work during days til the sun sets. Where is the best places to go in Seattle to get pings? I am going a LONG time between rides otherwise. Was laid off, so this is my only source of income so I need to beef it up. So far, struggling to get a measly $100 net. UGH!


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Find a part time job in retail. Don't make uber your sole income. You will regret it later on when expenses start to come in.


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Well, I am full time until I find my permanent job again. Unemployment just ran out. Fiance pays for a lot of bills and is long distance, but need to get at least 2K a month and I don't see it happening this way. I am not a weak person, but have spent much of the morning crying over this. Struggling....


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Again, part time gig is going to help you bandage the bleeding. I think most people on the forums will agree that it's simply not feasible to produce any income that is the same or better than getting part time work in sales/retail.

You literally would have to work 70+ a week, have virtually zero dead miles, pray you hit surge at least 30% of rides, and earn 50% tips from fares in order to sustain that kind of profit. (Expenses included [gas, wear, oil changes, cleaning, etc...])

I'm sorry if I sound blunt, but you're setting yourself for more debt if you pursue uber full time without any other incoming pay. I highly recommend just taking any part time gig as it will at least give you a stable source of income.

(What happens when your car gives out driving with uber? Especially when your insurance finds out your driving without a valid commercial insurance?)


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Your first ride of the day will usually dictate where you drive. To make money with Uber, you'll want to minimize your dead head miles (driving without a Pax). So as you drop your first Pax at their destination, stay there until you get another ping for your next Pax. And repeat...
Over time you'll learn the trends of your area! Not only location, but the times of heavy demand.
Best of luck!


Get a part time job then uber on the side, until you find a permanent full time job in your field then you can still uber on the side. Don't let UBER make you think you will make that kind of money.
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