Newbie here. Just looking for some advice please :)

Hi guys. I'm new to this forum and new to being an uber driver.
Submitted all my paperwork today. Just waiting to get my DA from department of transport.

I guess my main question is, is this worth it? I used uber quite frequently on my work trips to Sydney. And the drivers over there made uber sound like the best job in the world.
My car got totalled over the weekend (some dumb girls decided to speed in the rain and smash into my parked vehicle) so I'm not going to be driving for about 3 weeks. Caught a few ubers while waiting for my rental vehicle to be delivered and have gotten mixed responses from the drivers. 1 said he makes 800pw. Another 1500pw. Another says he's quitting soon due to only making 400pw.

I understand it's up to you how much you make. But every time I pull up the uber app as a passenger, there's always 4+ cars within 3min away. The market is clearly saturated. When would be a good time to be driving? And is brisbane better or the gold Coast?

Thank you for any advice :smiles:


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You came to the right place
With a fully depreciated car where you can't stuff it up any more by adding mileage you should do 14 to 18 bucks an hour before tax if you learn the smarts
With a new car that will depreciate quicker then you can earn any money it would be better to send uber a cheque and go fishing as you will earn less than 13 bucks an hour
And then there is the risks involved
These numbers are based on brisbane rates


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A lot of drivers mention their gross takings which is hugely different to profit or money left over after expenses.

Best thing to do is; take a few mid range 20 mins+ trips with existing drivers as a passenger. Note the time you request, the position of the car, add a few minutes for waiting time as drivers encounter many people not ready to leave once they arrive. After the 20 min journey study the original position of the car + pick up point + final destination, have a look at total time invested by the driver and total kilometres.

These are just average figures from experience but your finds shouldn't be too far off;

Passenger Fare $20

Driver nett $ 15.00
- GST $ 1.82

Without taking account for any expenses, so far your at $ 13.18 for about 30 mins+ total time invested.

- Fuel $ ???
- Mechanical, Maintenance, Wear & Tear $ ???
- Water / Mints (if supplied) $ ???


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Keep it simple
30 bucks an hour FARES
After 25 percent uber deduction you have 22.50 an hour
Costs including GST ranger between 40 and 60 percent depending on your car situation
So round figures you are left with about 12 bucks an hour for yourself if you are smart
There again, if you are smart you probably would not be driving?


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As the above comments stated in detail, make sure you do the math. The ones raving like its raining money are not taking into consideration the numbers e.g. GST, tax, running costs etc.

Better to google than to listen to Uber's tips of when and where to work. They usually only give that info according to their own market goals to have more drivers on the road.

Also to note the 20% fair drops earlier this year. In Sydney they earn more also so may have something to cheer about compared to Qld.

Best thing is to try it now you have applied for the DA, you can always quit if its not the income you hoped for. Keep in mind also as fares become cheaper, the customer quality (especially party hours) is dramatically getting worse. You'll have to deal with some of the idiots, even sober ones.

Im sure if you search in these forums you can find some great info about peoples experiences.


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Also note that your comprehensive car insurance does not apply while driving Uber. Yes Uber offers third party protection which will cover your passengers, other people and property but there is no cover for your own car should it get wrecked.
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Haha yeah I've been trying to do my research. The other thing I'm worried about is safety as I'm a female driver.

I wouldn't be doing uber if it wasn't for having my hours cut at work. Hopefully it works out a bit better than expected. I did read a few posts from a while back about the hourly rate being $13- $15 dollars. It's pretty shit but atleast it's something.

Also what's Friday and Saturdays really like? Is it as busy as they say? Apparently you can make $500 on a decent night? Which I understand is around $300 take home pay after the deductions and GST etc.

Also are we allowed to drive at the gold Coast? Or is that off limits?


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Maybe you should ask an accountant how the Uber income will be taxed if this is a 2nd income. Last time I checked with was taxed pretty high so hopefully you dont get into a position where you pay GST, income tax that is almost up to 50% of 2nd income. Im no expert on that as Im self employed using the same abn.

As for $500, is quite a few hours putting that in or some lucky long fares. Sometimes you just get lucky but you have to work out that some areas e.g. New Farm at certain times are only going to be short fares up the road. And you may be competing with 30 more drivers on that side.

You should be able to log on anywhere in Qld to drive so give GC a go if your there.

I think if your worried about safety, most times you should be ok but maybe daylight hours could be safer option if your apprehensive. A lot of late night passengers can be d$%ks. Especially the ones who treat all service industry people like third world immigrant slaves.

Couple of my own tips from my experience:
  • Always check ratings when accept ping. 4.0 and under usually is not worth doing the job. e.g. 11:30pm pickup at an RSL etc and rating is 4.1, then 8 out of those times you wish you didnt pick them up.
  • Being in the centre of the clubs at night can be a headache picking up riders. Sometimes just outside the busy spots can get you more sober passengers. Ive had 4 rides that I was stressed about them about to throw up.
  • You can always cancel after you accepted. Better to cancel than pick up a low rating rider to risk your rating because you didnt provide them with Iced VoVo's. Just asses the location, time and rating. Dont 2nd guess your gut feeling just for the possible long fare.
  • Keep tabs on kms you drive each shift by resetting your trip meter on your dash.
Im sure there are some more things that even other drivers would suggest but you will find your own favorite areas or hot spots and go from there.
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Thanks so much for that :smiles:
Planning to mainly do weekends and nights. Another thing is, really dumb question but... do I need to be constantly driving around all the time? Or can I just sit at home (Morningside) and hope for someone near my house needing a ride? Also, is it worth going to the airport or is there usually heaps of drivers waiting there?

Thank you again :smiles:


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You can check how many cars are around by moving the pin in the rider app. Be careful not to accidentally book one. The app hasnt improved much on performance so abit glitchy when you move the pin around sometimes. Sometimes the cause of incorrect addresses from riders also.

Seems to be alot of cars at the airport these days but your quite close so not a waste of travel for you. Your in a great spot so try and test it out in your area. Best way I found was drive to areas and see how it goes. Constantly driving to find jobs increases your costs. Youll find your spots that are good for you outside the standard busy areas but sometimes pays to be patient even after jobs.

Depending on your driving experience Id get the feel of how things go in less hectic spots. See how to use the app and find your way around before jumping in the trenches so to speak. Youll find all the little things like the Uber mapping app is delayed, so if it says turn left as you just passed the street, youll have learnt about that special feature from Uber lol. Nothing major, just little things that can make the job abit more work than it should.

P.S. Dont waste your time telling Uber about app issue unless you like reading autoreply emails about how to reinstall the app etc.


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Also note that your comprehensive car insurance does not apply while driving Uber. Yes Uber offers third party protection which will cover your passengers, other people and property but there is no cover for your own car should it get wrecked.
Unless you shop around NRMA does cover part time Uber another Tip is dont always listen to people check everything out yourself

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