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Newark Airport Police Harrassment or True Legal Concern for Uber Drivers


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I was just at Newark Airport picking up my ride. I drove the Terminal C Arrivals and was trying to locate my ride in a busy driving area. Just as my ride got in my car, the Port Authority Police demanded that I pull over which I did. He told me I was holding up traffic and I explained that I was an Uber driver trying to locate my PAX. At this point, things get a little crazy. Port Authority Police then proceeds to give me the grilling on how he can fine me up to $4000 because I don't have the proper permits to pick up passengers at the airport. He states that each terminal has its own permit to gain and its run through the city of Elizabeth (home town of the airport). He also states the my insurance does not cover the passenger if there is an accident and that is illegal as well. He then proceeded to make sure I knew that the yellow cabbies had all the right forms and they paid a lot of money to have them. After all of this and my playing very nice, the Port Authority Police let me off with a warning as this was my first time being stopped at the airport. Meanwhile, my PAX is sitting in the backseat listening to all of this. I go on my way and drop my ride to where he wants to go. I then stare at the surge of red at Newark Airport and wonder who is right.

Are the statements of the Port Authority Police true that Uber drivers need permits to pick up passengers at the airport or is he pulling my chain? Uber has never stated anything like this in any of their documentation or site updates. Wondering if he is trying to help the yellow cabbies.


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For 85 cents a mile, just stay away from the airport.
Uber is illegal at the Newark airport. You got lucky that you didn't get a ticket.
Rule #1, the most important rule, the front seat MUST be occupied whenever you have a passenger on airport property. That applies to pick ups and drop offs. Lock the back doors when picking up. No front seat = no airport ride.
Rule #2, NEVER admit to a cop that you are Uber. Also tell the passengers to shut up and say nothing. No proof = no ticket
Rule #3, if a cop tells you to move, get out of the terminal. Passengers are supposed to be ready immediately when they request a ride. They can wait if you have to circle around because they weren't ready the first time. If they're not there the second time, cancel and collect $5.


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Good points. I will end up staying away from EWR as a matter of course now that I have had a chance to read up on other issues with the cabbies protests there and PAP enforcing harder.
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