Newark Airport Pay


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I would appreciate some help. How much are you supposed to get paid for a trip to Newark International Airport in New Jersey with a Connecticut pickup? As I understand it, the components are

Base Fare
+ Mileage
+ Time
- Uber Service Fee (not applied to tolls & surcharges)

+ Surcharge for entering NYC - is this $15?
+ Surcharge for driving From NYC into New Jersey - is this $20?
+ Tolls (with passenger in car) for
  • George Washington Bridge ($10.50)
  • Bronx Whitestone Bridge ($5.76)
  • NJ Turnpike Exit 18W to 14 ($3.50)
Am I supposed to get both surcharges or only one (which)? Please reply if I am missing something. I am currently trying to get Uber customer support to reimburse me the correct amount.
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I believe it's $20 going into NYC, $15 for crossing Verrazano and yes, NJ SC is $20
And you SHOULD be getting paid ANY and ALL that apply to any given trip far as I know.