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New Zealand lays down the ban hammer!


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Crackdown on Uber drivers sees hundreds of bans and infringement notices issued

Christchurch Uber driver Jo Manson says many of her fellow Uber drivers don't have the correct licence.

Over 80 Uber drivers have been banned from driving commercially, and hundreds more have been fined for not complying with commercial driving regulations.

The ride-share company does not require its drivers to get a passenger 'P' licence endorsement - a legal necessity to transport people commercially - frustrating both taxi operators and other Uber drivers who have the correct paperwork.

The latest available New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) figures show 81 Uber drivers have been banned from driving commercially.

A breakdown of notices and prohibitions the NZTA have handed out to Uber drivers to May 5.

Of those, 52 were in Auckland, 28 in Christchurch, and one in Wellington. The bans have skyrocketed since January this year, when only 29 had been given.