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New York to Massachusettes round trip


New Member
nned a ride from Poughkeepsie new York to camp becket, massachusettes on July 14, round trip, with a two hour wait. any takers?


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So the person driving is in for about 6- 8 hours of work, correct? Driving From NY —> MA (then 2 hours of waiting for you) then driving from MA —> NY....

What’s the opening offer?

Dave Bust

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$110 each way with uber,,,why the do you want someone to wait 2 hours?
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Another Uber Driver

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That is a 1973 rate, if you are including the waiting time. If the waiting time is extra and that offer is mileage only, it gets promoted to 1981 rates. I would not do it for less than five hundred dollars, plus tolls both ways. The five hundred dollars would include everything but the tolls, as long as there are not too many bathroom or meal stops en route. Eating would not be allowed in the car, either.

In short, you might want to check Greyhounddotcom.