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New Years Eve


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I was able to choose between x and xl depending on surge. However some of my pax said they could only order xl when they tried to order x. I was able to get x rides when the surge was over 3x.
I was snoring by the time the surges hit. I didn't have the ability to change to x it had to be done via email. Gerg you were one of the lucky few who had this ability. There were many unhappy xl drivers that posted on this forum Jan 1-3 2016 regarding xl only.
This actually helped me as soon as Uber announced the next x rate cut I immediately sent an email to become xl only. Stay safe.


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How long will the show last: 8 minutes and 11 seconds.
You can download the music for the show on your phone. Search "Fireworks by Grucci" in the app store.
How many fireworks: More than 80,000
Where will the fireworks be set off: Aria, Caesars Palace, MGM Grand, Planet Hollywood, Stratosphere, Treasure Island, The Venetian
How many people will be in town: Approximately 320,000
What if I see something suspicious: Call 702-828-7777
What is banned on the Las Vegas Strip: Backpacks, large bags and purses, luggage, coolers, glass bottles (6 p.m. Saturday until 6 a.m. Sunday).
When will the road closures begin: Approximately 4 p.m. for downtown area and 5 p.m. for Strip area.
When will Las Vegas Strip be open to foot traffic: Approximately 6:45 p.m.
When will roads reopen near Strip: Scheduled to reopen around 3:30 a.m.
Do I need tickets for downtown party: Yes, tickets are $40 plus fees.
Will there be fireworks downtown: Yes. They will be shot from the roof of The Plaza.



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Here is how i did, on Lyft only:

$225 in rides
$10 in-app tips
$20 cash tips
-45 Lyft fees

Total take home: $205
I only used about 1/4 tank of gas, and drove maybe 100 miles I think..

After 5 rides I was up over 200, thats always nice.. last 2 rides were small payout so i called it a night..

I give the night 5/10 stars. I could have made double if I had less downtime, longer rides, started earlier, and lots more wishful thinking of course.. I am still.glad I worked, as in $200 was not a waste of time. Had I made twice that, as I am sure many did, and I would be saying, what a great night.

Here is how I spent my evening. I didnt start until 1030pm and worked until about 400am, did 7 rides I think. Caught a 100%, and a 0% in Summerlin then headed to the strip around 1130pm. Then it was dead (<100% Primetime) for what seemed like an hour, and my first ride after midnight ended up being a 0% musta been just outside primetime area, took me 10miles away from strip, but soon as I got back after 115am, got a couple short 550% (approx $80 on each), then a 400% and a 200%..

I only had a couple pickups on strip properties, and they were of course a real pain to locate and load. All the rest i had no problems locating my pax.

I would say the Lyft app did a good job of not sending me pings from unrealistic pickup locations given road closures.


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Near Linq I accepted a request and it said something similar to "Encore. Pick up area at the Linq". Lol, can you imagine if I had to wait for the passenger to walk over from Encore?

Actually the passenger was at the normal Linq pick up area but I misunderstood him, I thought he was in the parking lot pick up, so I lost him and my time. At first I thought he was trying to get a cheaper ride because the surge was lower towards Encore.


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Congrats thats not a bad night!

I'd like to know more about your name board, maybe see a picture and price/specs?


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Worked 5-11, stuck mainly
To the suburbs and turned off my app after a strip drop off and drive back out. Traffic was not nearly as bad as when a big Convention is in town. Made $180 in 5 hours! Funny seeing all these driver complaining.


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It's just a 10" tablet with a stand to prop it up:

View attachment 86142

I'm planning to upgrade to a 12" tablet for better visibility, but any large tablet will do the job.

Typing the name into a traditional limo pad app is tedious, and I have not yet figured out how to scrape the names from the Lyft and Uber Driver apps, so I'm developing my own custom version of the name board app, that can load the name by voice input, to eliminate the need for typing entirely. I'll also add options to make the trade dress look nicer, and perhaps some entertaining animations to spice it up.

I'll post a note here on this forum, after I make the app available on the Apple and Google app stores. Hopefully the approval process will go quickly, but if not, I may just make the app available for a limited number of drivers via ad hoc distribution.
No wonder you all uber drivers can not drive. You have a TV in front of your face while you drive. When I drive nothin is blocking my view. My phone is not even on my windshield. My uber trademark is not on the right side of the windshield


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Hehehe. I don't drive down the Strip with that on my dash! :eek:

I place it there after I arrive. And it faces away from me, or it would kill night vision.

And I agree with your concern about field of view - I keep my phone in the lower-left corner - and I feel that placing a phone in the center of the windshield under the rear view mirror obscures too much of the field of view.

However, is driving without trade dress stickers kosher? That seems unwise.

And where is your phone? I hope you're not driving with it in your lap, so do you have it hanging off a vent? I'd be concerned if it was too low and forced you to look down while driving.
My phone is next to my radio out of site no one knows I'm a uber driver


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Pretty mad at myself I really burnt myself out last night I made $350 on 21 rides in 13 hours. Only $80 on 3 rides past midnight-4amthough. Really wish I called it at midnight and started early today. I made a much better hourly today but was too burnt out to really put in more than 6 hours.