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New Year Hot Spots


New Member
What's up everyone!
Just relocated from the DC area, what are the New Year celebration hot spots. I work down in SA but live in Orange Park, so I have a large area to cover. I was thinking about starting in SA and make my way up to Jaxx beach. Is it better to go into Jaxx?


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You must be talking about where to go out and party. There is no more money on New Years for drivers. Only regular price fares with little surge or tips.


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I managed to make around 500 with another 120 in cash tips but it’s been really slow since then luckily I just do it as a hobby for the last 3 1/2 to 4 years. Out in Riverside tonight haven’t gotta ride for two hours. Luckily I have my audiobook just don’t feel like driving outside the area trying to get a ride
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