New Year 2018.


So I suppose all now know that the start of the New Year will mean only one thing. Look for another revenue stream.
London has kicked out Uber in the city. Vegas has banned Uber in Las Vegas. DMR here in BNE have brought in new rules to make (enforce) more compliance similar to taxis. I'm definitely not drilling holes in my roof to facilitate installing two cameras and one internal camera. Maybe the rot is setting in? Next will be permanent decals on the sides and back of my PRIVATE car.
And still Uber in BNE has not corrected the crap about driver GST. Great to work for peanuts eh?
I'm still waiting, with bated breath for Uber to add in the driver GST component. Might go blue in the face waiting.


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And ur car will no longer be will now be business use..

No don't think so. Rideshare is a combination of private use and rideshare. Just make sure your personal insurance for your vehicle has rideshare included. Dont trust oobers policy.


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And ur car will no longer be will now be business use..
In the same way you never nowadays see a taxi driver doing his shopping using the taxi privately.
At least you won’t have to calculate your Uber usage percentage - straight 100%.
You’ll just need to buy yourself a separate private car with your earnings - yet another unbudgeted expense.


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I wonder when they will introduce motor bikes with side cars next?
Every man and his dog already has one.