New Uber Pool base fare per additional rider


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I got a notification in the app (several pages of info) on 9/20 that (effective immediately) for each additional rider in a pool that I would receive an additional base fare. I have had 2 multi rider pools since then and didn't receive additional base fares. Contacted support in the app about one of them and got "check your rates page at partners site" (which doesn't have any new info about additional base fares for pools). Called in a day later and was told it would be fixed but nothing after several days. Also I have noticed that my pool base fares have been off by a penny often even before this new "feature". (52 cents instead of the correct 53 cents) Not huge for me, but over millions of rides if this is happening to other drivers...

I am in the Washington DC market. Anybody else get this message?
I got the same thing here in Boston. They sent it out by mistake. I'm pretty sure the announcement comes today as a part of there 180 days of change.


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The new Pool pickup fee is $.50 additional per pickup -- not per rider. So, out of the additional pax fare of maybe $10, you will now get $.50.

I'm opted out of Pool, so this bullshit doesn't affect me personally -- but I consider it a) insulting to drivers, and b) a big step backward in the so-called "180 Days of Change."

The only appropriate response to this wonderful "improvement" is ... "Just Say No."

Anybody who would let Uber spit in their face like this and still accept Pool rides deserves whatever they get.


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50 freaking cents? They're even bigger cheapskates than the freaking cheapskates who order pools.

My bigger concern is that they haven't eliminated the "Stop New Requests'