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New Uber Decal Location


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I got an email recently from Uber saying that they are sending me a new "trade dress" decal in the next few days. According to them, we are supposed to mount it in the lower left corner of the windshield.

This seems odd - at least in Virginia - because DMV has ordered that all new state inspection stickers are to be mounted there beginning with vehicles being inspected after 1-1-2018. In other words, all yellow & black "1-19" (and subsequent) inspection stickers will be affixed there as well.

Any thoughts on this? Do we no longer post our "trade dress" on the right-rear passenger window?


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Agreed, this does seem odd in Virginia as DMV usually reserves windshield placements for state inspection stickers. As far as adding other stickers to the windshield, DMV says that Virginia State Police have data that they are a safety issue.