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New Trick to Ripp off drivers?

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Kinski, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. Kinski


    Los Angeles
    I had a young girl today, I picked her up from her single family house. The address was preset because I had the destination filter on.. I am sure I confirmed the name, on the way when she acted little strange looking at me and then away, but I still squeezed out a short conversation with her. She told me she works at this French Restaurant where we exactly heading... The ride went smooth.. even I felt this strange energy..

    Next day just by coincidence I noticed that UBER paid me $0 Dollar for that Trip :(
    Would be nice if they at least message you that there was a problem.. Maybe a cheap way to think the driver will not notice..

    Anyways after hour turns out that this *****, I guess hit a button that she did not took the ride.. and what can you do ??

    I think as a driver you have zero chance too prove it.. UBER just says you picked up the wrong person....

    Maybe its a new trick to get free rides :( I am not a big fan of driving for UBER but the destination filter got so improved so its sometimes worth for me....

    Can anything be done in the future to prevent that situation.. I am sure I can go to that restaurant and confront her but is it worth $5 ?
  2. Sucio


    Get a dash cam that records the road and the inside of your car. I have 2 sjcam4000 in my car (gopro knockoff) . Only cost me $120 for both, best investment yet! I have it set at 720p 30fps, 10 minute looping intervals with a 10 hour storage on the 32gb memory card. Video quality is excellent and audio is clear, great to provide uber with video evidence.
  3. OlDirtySapper


    Peoria, IL
    Last time this happened to me I just disputed it and they put the charge back on. You can prove plenty you have GPS info showing where you went when. It was weird tho cuz the lady was really drunk and didnt seem like she would do something like that. Made me think maybe uber was just trying to steal 10 bucks from me. You know the type of **** you would expect from some coked out cab co owner not a multi-national corporation.
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  4. nickd8775


    NJ / Philly
    If she really works at that restaurant perhaps you can go there when she's working, ask for her to serve you, and don't pay the bill at all.

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