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Certainly not! I take myself and the internet very seriously. I stay away from the foolishness and tomfoolery that goes on here.

Anyway, welcome to the jungle😂
Alrighty, then.

I'll be happy to join your fraternity of fine upstanding respectful driving professional and aficionados. No room for shenanigans!! 😜🤭
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Unless I grew up there, driving in New York City would scare the hell out of me. Riding in a cab was like taking a roller coaster.
Like I said above, Uber's designation 'NYC Suburbs' means places outside NYC.

Personally, not sure I'd drive around NYC itself all day, even for $5 a mile.

...Or what is considered "upstate" to those of you whom reside in da boros. 👍 Thanks for the welcome 💜
Yes, upstate is pretty subjective. Where I live might be considered upstate to some NYC folk. But not to those further north.
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Hmmmmm. Are you one of them?? 🤔🤭
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He sure is, even if he tries to hide it 😂 .


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Welcome to the Zoo, just for clarification I run things here and any and all outrageous claims should be vetted thru me first... And then posted asap in a CONFRONTATIONAL manner so as to piss off the moderators... Also... You should do this at least once a week to keep them on their feet... If you happen to slip up and miss a week they start to think you've calmed down and do not plan on being a thorn in their side...DO NOT DO THIS.. we have to keep things jumping here...

Welcome to the most fun since u started driving!!


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Awwwww, precious boo. Ya need a hug??? 🤗
Hell no, I would rather drive L.A. at least they know how to drive there. All the stupid drivers in L.A. are weeded out daily, only the strong survive.

NYC is a free fire zone. Grid lock, stupid drivers outnumber the good drivers 10 to 1.

No thanks, the place is a sh*t hole.