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Hello everyone! I was recently put on to the idea of Uber driving around Charleston and I just stumbled across this website. Here are a few questions I have for y'all (forgive me if there is a new user FAQ thread, I didn't see it.)

1. How much can one expect to make monthy treating Uber like a full time job driving about 5 days a week?

2. Do any of you uber full time? Or just part time as a compliment to other employment?

3. Any harassment expetienced by drivers i.e. robbed, assaulted, etc..

Thank you in advance for reading and responding
1 & 2). I would not recommend treating this as a full time job. It was never designed to be such. I only augment my income with this.
3). I have had some passengers that I wish I would have hit with my vehicle rather than let them in but it's a rarity. The people you will encounter are generally nice and pleasant to share time with.


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Uber was never designed to be a full-time job for those that wanted to use it as such? It was Uber's intent to peddle subprime car loans to people who planned to do Uber part-time 2-3 years ago? People were supposed to make 70-90K a year working part-time?


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Well yes...isn't that what we're talking about? Some of us have been around dealing with Uber and its antics for years.


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I wouldn't do it full-time. You have some drivers working 50 hours a week for $1000. I use to make that on 20 hours. What they don't tell you is your going to put an ass of miles on your car real quick. Some people like seeing the 1000 a week but when you really do the math it's only about 600.


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Don't listen to the new kool aid drinkers. Listen to those who've done it for a while.
1. Uber initially sold itself as full time. God knows how many hours you'd have to work to do that now.
2. Track mileage and cost. Know exactly what it costs to operate. Too many guys brag about what they gross. It's all about net.
3. You can't make what you once could. If you are purely driving X, you'll struggle until the students return.

Sorry if I anger the mods, but the one calling troll sounds like an Uber employee.