New to Uber


Hey all,

New to Uber. Started about a week ago. Doing "ok" for now. Still trying to figure out the best times to get out there and drive, and when to not waste my time.

Anyone have some tips on locations around (outside the city) that are usually hotspots for Uber activity and what time they're good? At this time I'm only available at nights (after 8pm) and on weekends.

Do you guys find it to be best practice after a drop off to just pull up somewhere and wait for another ping, or drive a bit?

Do you think the recent move by the city to make Uber legal (even just temporarily) in the city will open up business within the city?

I'm thinking the DNC weekend is gonna be huge, but not so sure where the best places to be for pickups are going to be. Any thoughts?

Thanks all!


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The rider app is a useful tool to find out some general hotspots in your area. Monitor it for driver activity. I wouldn't bother chasing surge areas on the driver app because it's a waste of fuel. Rather learn where and when demand tends to increase and anticipate the surge. After a drop off I generally wait for the next request unless I am in the badlands.
The city is already open for business regardless of the legal jargon.
DNC will increase ridership but the area will be flooded with drivers. Who knows how lucrative this will be for us.