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New to Uber in Tulsa


New Member
New to Uber, located in Tulsa, OK. Being a forum junkie I knew there had to be one for Uber drivers.. Digging it so far. I do X and XL only with our 2017 Chevy Traverse Premier edition. Using the extra $$ to pay off some things early as I have a full time job so this is just part time. I drive a couple nights a week and on the weekends. So far over the last month I've had 102 trips with Uber and 53 with Lyft, have had a few interesting ones nothing too bad. A few drunks but they've been civil.



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Welcome. Your vehicle is going to take a huge depreciation hit -- it's too new and too expensive. You'll be using the equity in the vehicle to pay off your debts. You may want to consider buying a second vehicle that is older and less than $6K - $8K to Uber around.
By the way, don't forget to get rideshare insurance and a 2-way dash cam.