New to Uber & have a few questions


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Hi all,

I just got an email with the subject "Welcome to Uber! Take a Trip to Activate your Account!" but the body of the email was empty. Not sure if this is standard or if they sent the email by error with no msg for me.

I've tried calling them but to no avail so I have a few questions:

1. How do I go about getting the "Uber phone"?
2. A friend referred me but I submitted my application before I had her Referral#. Can I still use it and how?
3. How do I get my Uber referral code?
4. How do I go about buy referral cards with my code on them?

Sorry about all the questions. I have a feeling that the email should it had a message in the body would have answered all of this.

Plz help! TIA

Bart McCoy

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Don't think they do phones anymore
youhave 15 days to add the referral
your referralinfo is in theapp
go to kinkos


They also send out a weekly newsletter & in the one last week there was a link to order referral cards from Vista Print. I ordered 1000 for under $20 & they came yesterday. I'm going to start dropping them off at bars & restaurants & posting them to bulletin boards around town. I can't imagine I'll get "too" many signups through these but for $20 it won't take long to break even.