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New to the region.


New Member
Moved to Sacramento's uber region, from Chicago. Dont worry im 200+ miles away in humbolt co. Used to earn .90 a mile, this contry bumpbkin pay of .58 a mile out here is crap. Rents high, screw the price of gas.. strange thing is, I'm earning more out here on a daily basis, then i did working the suburbs of chicago. People and cooler, more laid back and better tippers. And a lot less compitition. I will get new requests the second i pick up my passengers. Most trips barly pay $3.50, so i have to strategize.. I'm not a cheat, but i think you can make more money canceling trips then actually driving. I have made $2.33 on a trip before, with cancellation fees at 3.50 minimum. I do get a lot of people out here complaining about cancellations more often then chicago.

Waze needs a weed button out here in humbolt so you can avoid the dudes doing 40mph down the 101. (Outside of town). A couple weeks ago an uber driver hit some meth head, the week before, i had one lunge out at me on the 101, i had a gut feeling and was ready, stopped just in time. Still cant get that out of my head, my car isn't even a year old.

I used to have quest, i was part of the chicago beta group.. suddenly i don't qualify out here. We also don't get concecutive trip incentives.