New TIA Airport Que Format: Minutes instead of drivers


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Looks like Lyft has changed from how many drivers there are ahead of you to how long drivers can expect wait time is till the next ride.

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this is not new its about 6 months old. lyft tested it here and it failed .
lyft does not check flights coming in. this information is inaccurate . do not use this information . use your judgement . stupidity by lyft .
i guess go to the q count the drivers and the time lyft is telling you to get an idea for next time how many drivers are there.
suggest you send support message and swear bot time !! about it ask other drivers to do the same.


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and whats the penalty if it's longer than 76 minutes?


so they're free to commit fraud to drivers lying about 76 minutes so when 77 minutes comes & goes they wasted an hour & figure im already here might as well wait longer or theyre $20+ an hour trip they just did just got halfed to $10 an hour& they head home LMAO

trapped, no rematch it's going to be hours if its not xl, select, black it's not going to be worth it but hey if you're homeless living in your car it's a great place to blend in & least it's not a minimum fare right? or is it?



I don't sit in the airport que.
Aftee years of so many drivers circling I would just pay to park cuz it was closet gets it $4 & was out in an hour 90+% of the time, a bus driver couldnt merge it was so many ants circling literally 100+ cars 16+ hours a day crashed & was killed, in 2 weeks they had 1st lot open only took negligent homicide,

i dont even know where the new ones at & thats 4000+ airport trips, 1st one i waited 2 weeks before trying it out figured xl only if im out in an hour or 2 its worth, took 3 hours never went back, so many people were sleeping in it a few weeks later they closed it for certain hours, then got so packed they opened a bigger one farther away somewhere but I'm good rematch works & my deadhead is still $60+ after gas for about hour & 20 minutes round trip, decent tips see 5 cars entire trip until a few miles from airport
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the q is a horrible place to stay if your homeless .
you cant beg food food or money . drivers are pore they have zero extra cash .
the bathrooms are evil! very dirty worst then dirty there is sh it everywhere pee evil smell . imagine what you can catch using those restrooms .


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Interesting thing to notice that they did recently change DAL (Love Field) to minutes but still keep DFW (DFW International) showing the # of drivers. Not sure why, but what ever... I don't touch the lots unless I can get out of there in less than 30 minutes, anyway, and I don't make that determination just based on what I see on the app.


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Why would they do that? Only thing I can think of is they don’t want drivers discouraged by lots of drivers ahead of them and staying away, since this could mean not having a surplus of drivers available when they are really needed. Using number of minutes gives you a false sense of security of getting a ping in a fixed amount of time. It’s total BS, no way the time for a Lux Black ping is the same as standard Lyft