New Surge Mapping?


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That's the old map! The red is obviously surge. Orange is high demand and yellow is elevated demand area.

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only polygonwe see y'all when there is some sort of surge it would be nice to know where the higher demand areas are even before they are actually a surge price
Not true, they do have "high demand" polygons that aren't high enough to merit a surge yet. They're outlined in red.


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I noticed it changed this week as well for me too...can't see to make up its mind. The old map must be a backup they switch to when updating something perhaps?


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I'm in nwi. And I get yellow and orange all the time. But it's never surging. It's just showing where some of the busier areas are at. But the prb is for me out here is the sooner there up they go away just as fast. I pay them no mind. My area I'm at will get a color an I still get no request. It's bs