New Surge Map

Been driving Uber since OCT 2014. The new heat/surge map isn't putting any RESPECK on our rides. This is how we fight back. I din't work AT ALL this weekend. To hell with Uber's guarantees. I'll be damned if i sit around and wait on $3 rides or drive clear across town for 10 bucks. If ur new u won't understand but if ur a Uber triple O.G like I am, don't work weekends PERIOD unless that was previously ur bread and butter. Be warned though. Uber has done away with buttering our bread. Now their just giving us Bread. Until they put some #Respeck on it, I'm not driving weekends. I'll take my weekends if they are just going to keep sh!ttin on us. I have a plan where I make $500 (with minimal to No surge) during the week. All OG's should follow suit and boycott weekends. Now with that said, if u out enjoying ur weekend and u happen to be passing thru a surging area , don't be stupid. Get that money. But other than that, let the new bootys get raped. If Uber is gon bend me over at the rate of 20%, i demand vaseline i.e the old surge map. They could at least bring back the old map on weekends.