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New Surge being tested in Charlotte

Hello Asheville drivers we all need to look at the numerous threads that have been posted about what they are testing in Charlotte with a new way to pay drivers surge. In a nutshell they are charging the rider a multiplier as usual but are paying the driver a set rate of 1 to 10 dollars per TRIP not miles and minutes like before and it is being added in the NEXT trip so you have to do one more to make your xtra money from the surge trip uou just finished. Lots of examples already posted so I will not take up your time here other than to say that the MOST you can make on a surge trip now looks like 10 dollars. Just think get a 3x to the casino and get 10 dollars for your trouble. But on the plus side you could get a 3x from rubarbs to the peel and get 10 surge so short trips look sweet but long one's there going give it to us with no lube. We all need to budget for this especially with winter coming cause our cost per mile to operate ain't going down. Give it a read folks.

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