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New style rating system for riders - terrible, bad, ok, good & excellent


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This new style rating system will change from 5 star to more 4 stars. This mean part time drivers has to drive more to maintain ratings and full time drivers not easy to move up on ratings. In case if any reductions in drivers the more surge will be on road and Uber make good money. There is no market threat to Uber , cabies cannot compete and other ride sharing service not impress to pax. The new cars are big plus anything below 2-3 yrs old might have chance to get below ratings from 3-4 no matter how much excellent customer service is, except for some good generous pax who value customer services.

Good service + new car = 5 star
Good service + average car = 4 star
Average service + average car = 3 star

1. Uber has to maintain the balance so the 'surge' will not drop more money for uber
2. Easicar, other rent car services from uber will also increase more money to uber
3. Rating system pax friedly so drivers buy new cars every 2 years and maintain customer service and not lose motivation over time 4-star is magic number for uber it's not take driver off-road and not make him feel easy on the road .

Any thoughts??