New State Regulations for Uber Drivers

Spock B

To all

Perhaps all drivers should look at the new regulations being proposed in the State Legislature regarding regulation of TNC and drivers in Louisiana.

I can't post a link to the legislation at this time but look up House Bill 527. This bill has already gone through committee and is currently in debate so urgent action is required!

Four things that should concern all drivers are the following;

1. A driver will be required to obtain a permit to drive. No specification as to detail or how much this will cost.
2. A driver may be terminated or precluded from driving for "ANY DRIVING RELATED OFFENSE".
3. The TNC will collect a 1 percent assessment (read tax) on behalf of a TNC driver for every ride. No mention of how this will be taken out, whether this will result in a decrease in ongoing income or how this will affect driver income statements but it will affect driver income one way or another as it is levied by the TNC "on behalf of the driver". Note this tax is on the TOTAL gross fare which includes what Uber takes.
4. A driver will be required under law to sign a document stating they are an independent contractor. This has obviously been introduced by the TNC's in light of law suits brought against them in other states.

The ride share companies apparently trotted forth various drivers to say how great this all is but there was obviously no representation present on behalf of drivers in general and the impacts this will have. I would suggest that everyone contact their State representative and complain re the lack of adequate driver representation, the lack of detail and protections in the bill for drivers for redress or complaints against drivers and why drivers should pay an assessment when it is the TNC that sets prices and policies. Also I have posted this in the New Orleans city section.