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An Uber driver in California was arrested after he allegedly tried to burglarize his passengers' home after dropping them off at the airport.

Jackie Gordon Wilson, 38, is seen in a mugshot released April 8, 2019, by the San Mateo Police Department.
Police said the driver – identified as 38-year-old Jackie Gordon Wilson – picked up the passengers from their San Mateo home and then took them to the San Francisco International Airport on April 4.

"He then came back to that exact house and tried to burglarize it," San Mateo police officer Michael Haobsh told KGO-TV.
Police said a security alarm scared Wilson, who immediately fled the scene.
After that unsuccessful robbery attempt, police said Wilson broke into another home just a few blocks away on Nash Drive. The homeowners, who only wanted to be identified as Scott and Chana, said they found their house in shambles.
"He tore apart the whole house, tossed everything," said Scott. "Every piece of furniture moved. He opened my safe."
The couple said the suspect spent four hours ransacking their home. Surveillance cameras reportedly captured him walking in and out with bags filled with their valuables.
"There are heirlooms that belong to my grandmother, that go back all the way to the Holocaust. For him that was just something to pawn off. To me that was the memory of my grandmother," explained Chana.
The couple shared the security footage online, which helped them identify the man as an Uber driver who had dropped off others in the neighborhood at the airport, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Police also used information from the Uber app to track down Wilson, who lives in Rancho Cordova near Sacramento.
"At the time of his arrest, Wilson was wearing the same clothing he had on while lurking around our quiet San Mateo neighborhood the day before," the San Mateo Police Department said in a press release. "Detectives also recovered some items stolen from the Nash Drive residence."
Wilson was booked at the San Mateo County Jail on charges of burglary and attempted burglary.
In a statement, Uber said it "removed the driver's access to the app as soon as we were made aware of the allegations and stand ready to assist police in their investigation."
Police are still working to recover more of the stolen items and investigating whether the burglaries are linked to others in the area.

KGO-TV via CNN contributed to this story.
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The past 2 1/2 years, I never picked up on the strip. Needing to boost my ride count for the week, last week I drove the strip. Had my tip jar cleaned out 2 times, and my rating went from 4.97 down to 4.79, with a half dozen 3,2, and 1 star ratings on Lyft out of 92 trips. The tip jar scam is done by one pax getting in the front seat while I assist others with luggage in the back. No more strip for me. Also, never picked up at Silver Nugget before, but had a drop close by, got the Silver Nugget pickup, took it, going a few blocks to a motel, again, cleaned my tip jar. turned them in to Lyft with a 1 star. In nearly 6,000 trips, these are the only times my tip jar has been touched, and the neighborhoods to avoid are clearly defined. I don't leave much in the jar, but it is the violation that pisses me off. These people are getting the ride for bus fare, and still feel the need to steal from us.

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Tip, don't leave money out where it can be easily taken. Keep it in another container like a drink mug with a lid. Make it a cheap one like from Flying J or such.


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Did you catch it on your dash cam?

Petty theft.
I don’t have a tip jar but I get a lot of tips in cash, I really don’t think they’re necessary, and normally the packs bit tip a little offensive. But that’s just my opinion. What I have found I was working on the strip the tips are plenty, in the suburbs I only averaged about 10% on fares. On the strip I’m at well over double that. And that does not even include kickbacks