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new ride matching app that is driver centric


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Hi Everyone, i am planning to develop a ride matching app that is driver centric and does not take commission from the drivers.

I would like to invite all current Grab or Uber drivers to join me in a discussion for ideas and features that you would like to see so i have created a facebook group for this called "new driver centric ride matching app". What has been confirmed to be included is no commission from drivers' fare (drivers will get 100% of what they earn), your rating of riders will have an impact now, option for riders to tip you, etc.

There will be a big reveal once everything is ready for launch so i will not be disclosing too much at this moment.

I also would like to see how many of you would pledge their support to this as i am not funded by anyone and is working with low budget. I would like to try not to be funded by investors as this would lead to this app becoming another profit driven business.

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