New regs and pings -post earnings for the 15th and 16th


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With the changes in the rules it should reduce drivers on the roads.

However, since Uber has gone hardcore with recruitment bonuses and looped in Taxi drivers I'm going to bet that things will continue as they always have.

I don't think this Saturday will be any busier than most and I doubt they have lost many drivers. If anything....with the free insurance they may have gained more than they lost.

Please post general earnings for the weekend. Are you up/down compared to previous weeks?


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Nothing special this morning, I would say it was a regular morning. All rides except my last one were surged, but they were weak surges (highest was 1.7). Approx $60 for 2hrs online. If I stayed online more, earnings would have only gotten worse as morning rush basically over. Might as well look after errands today (grocery shopping, laundry...) to be free as possible in case things do get crazy on the weekend.

Oh and I did order some free icecream. It is probably only worth $1.50 for 3 icecreams on sale, but hey it was free and it was on Uber... And sorry I didn't tip, but you can't really tip on $1.50 worth of icecream, otherwise I might as well just pick some up myself when doing my grocery shopping.


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From 1:00pm to 3:30pm, Richmond Hill, North York, Markham, Scarborough, 3:30pm to 9:00pm mostly downtown core, 8 hours online, barely making $20/hour after Uber cut, not a single surge and only one XL, not much dead mileage thought.


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Uber didn't disable anyone's account. They want you to keep driving. I emailed them 4 times asking if I pick up passengers in Toronto, would I still be insured by them. They avoided to answer me by saying it's new regulations, I can go here, can go there, can do eats. Finally after I ask again, they sent me a new email saying I'm now disabled from picking up in Toronto. I only emailed them wanted it on record that they will insure me, Im not worried about cops pulling me over for tickets.


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Lol that's cause all the drivers are out driving even ones that don't drive because they're scared that soon they won't be able too