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New policy for canceled deliveries

Discussion in 'Notifications' started by KingEsmo, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. KingEsmo


    New policy for canceled deliveries.png

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  2. Uber's Guber

    Uber's Guber

    United States
    My policy is: Don’t do Eats.
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  3. ROFL
    Yeah my run that lead to deactivation was prolly brought up during the meeting

    and as Dara would say they have the D
    and gave to the me big time
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  4. njn


    Before this policy, you could cancel a delivery in the restaurant and still receive a full fare?
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  5. tmpnick16


    Tampa, fl
    I'm curious the explanation of why people disagree with this policy.
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  6. KingEsmo


    Me too, I guess it’s squeezing the slack juice out the apples.
  7. UberEats wants to have you make a contract by the act of pressing a button
    If the terms of the contract are stipulated sure

    UberEats has the crappest system going your never told what your getting or wether your going
    The only sad Bing grace is the easy to cancel button

    Before they were firing peeps for to many rejections
    Now the situation is you don't get the delivery address until you leave the restaurant

    If your curious what pissed me off the night i got fired
    It was pride weekend in San Francisco it was jamming

    I had a delivery to 101 Polk St which is right in the middle of a fenced off area in the civic center
    It was closed for 2 blocks in any direction with traffic gridlock

    Customer was an ******* when I called him from outside asking to be buzzed in he laughed and asked me how's traffic when I got upstairs

    The one that was the final straw was seeing Levant St as destination Google it I can do it but I didn't want it thrown at me

    I'll do Cray runs but I would like the option
    When I was at Munchery I was actually employed @$19 and tip share so I pulled $25 a hour but my runs were Potrero Hill and Bernal Heights exclusively

    I took a couple months of being the company ***** for me to get sick of it but i was very well paid and they gave extra quality food to the couriers

    Uber is trying to bully its way by saying you are violating a contract
    I hope they lose London operating contract
  8. JustPayMe


    This is the Big Issue so think you get to the food pick up and got the food

    ----GRUBER----"oh and by the way now go to the Ghetto" in a Neighborhood where if you don't get robbed by the time you get out your car. All your tires are all of a sudden missing . Crackhead wants something from you , you get proped by 3 or 4 crack hookers , got to avoid potholes the size of dump trucks ,there may or maynot be a couple bullet holes in your car , guy on the corner likes your shoes so of course you not so willingly give them to him ;) and all for What ?

    so i totally agree with Uber's Guber

  9. What happens on delivers where you can't get within X feet of the destination?

    Like when you can't get past a gate?
  10. Muggywuggy


    Agreed don’t do eats. Restaurants are never ready with the order; you’re not getting paid enough to sit around for 15 minutes while they cook the order and lag more. During those 15 minutes the anxiety of Will I get a parking ticket etc really adds up. Just not worth it
  11. Clarity


    I know this is an old post. When this happens I guess you would have to keep calling and texting the person who ordered it. If they don't pick up I guess you can cancel it or I think there's an option to contact Uber.

    I lost my patience quickly with UberEats and opted out the 2nd week after I opted in.
  12. I did one ubereats delivery ever...

    Literally 1...

    that's how long it took me.

    I was seriously just wondering how that policy will work with complexes with a gate that's up to half a mile (not joking) from some of the addresses.
  13. Gtown Driver

    Gtown Driver

    Washington DC
    I had people recommend doing EATS but never paid it any mind. I don't like doing things outside of my job and Uber/Lyft is one of the few jobs where you can mostly choose not to do busy work outside of your job.

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