New pickup procedures at SAN airport?


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Just got an email from Uber, saying pickup procedures at San Diego Int. Airport are changed. See the text below.

I never go to SAN airport to pick up passengers, unless I get a ride elsewhere who wants to be dropped off at the airport. Then sometimes I get a pickuup immediately, which I'm happy to take. If I don't, and Uber tells me to go to the holding area and wait, I graciously decline and head north (or east or wherever). Haven't yet figured out what the advantage is of sitting in the holdig pen for an hour or more doing nothing, when I could be picking up passengers elsewhere.

The letter Uber sent, says that procedures for dropping off a passenger at SAN hasn't changed. Anybody know if the procedure for picking up an airport passenger immediately after I drop one off at SAN, has changed? Will they still send you a ping (sometimes) as soon as you drop off a rider there? Or maybe are they never going to send you an immediate ping again? Maybe everyone has to follow the new procedure and wait, wait, wait (or leave and head for Balboa park or wherever?)


Text of the email I just got from Uber:

UberX pickups at San Diego International Airport
Starting at 8am on November 15, we will begin piloting PIN—a new pickup feature - at San Diego International Airport (SAN). PIN is designed to streamline airport pickups.
How PIN pickups work
From the hours of 8am to 10pm, once you reach the top of the UberX driver queue, you will receive an alert to head to the PIN pickup area. Follow the in app directions to either Terminal 1 or Terminal 2, in the same area where pickups currently take place. Once there:
  1. Join the queue of UberX drivers and keep pulling forward until you reach the front of the line of riders.

  2. Before entering your vehicle, the rider will provide you with a unique 6-digit PIN code; tap “Enter rider PIN” on the bottom of your Driver app to input this code.

  3. Once the PIN is confirmed, the rider may enter your vehicle and you can start your trip.
This PIN pilot will be in effect between the hours of 8am to 10pm, daily. At all other times, please follow the usual process for picking up at SAN.
Helpful information
If you’re planning to drive at SAN, keep the following in mind:
  • It’s important that the 6-digit PIN code is confirmed before the rider(s) enter your vehicle.
  • At this time, the PIN feature is exclusive to UberX trip requests.
  • In order to unlock access to the PIN feature, you’ll need the latest version of the Uber Driver app, so we recommend updating your app.
  • Airport authorities require that you remain in your vehicle and follow the directions of airport staff to ensure safety and efficiency. Unoccupied vehicles are subject to tow by law enforcement.
  • Non-UberX trips will occur at the front of the Uber pickup curbs in T1 and T2.
  • Dropoffs at SAN have not changed.


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This is so STUPID. Why is this necessary? This is going to make pickups so awkward and hold up traffic even more. Before, you'd pull up, the pax would wave to you, quickly confirm each other and that would allow you to pop the trunk and quickly help load the luggage for a smooth, seamless pickup and exit. This will just complicate things.

Uber/Lyft: "If it ain't broke, we'll find a way to break it. "


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This is so STUPID. Why is this necessary?
Probably somebody's lawyer said "Hey, if people skip the normal 'What's your name' and car-description checks, and get in the wrong car anyway, they might get hurt or worse and Uber could get sued. So if we add yet another hoop to jump through, we can tell judges 'Hey we already did something to prevent this', and get a 'Not Guilty' sentence, even though oblivious drunks could just skip this check just like they skip the others."

Any time you run into something unnecessary like this, its usually because somebody got sued or is afraid of getting sued, and thinks that even more restrictions would avoid the risk to them.


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From what I’ve learned from the Lyft pick up PIN at T2:
  • No waiting time commences until you have the PIN. (Reduced cancellations for Uber, no benefit to drivers)
  • You are staged in advance of passengers.(No payout by Uber until passenger arrives, no benefit to drivers.)
  • Lyft, after repeated emails, is still unable to confirm what period of insurance exists between accepting the PIN request in the lot, and arriving, (Is it 1 or 2?) I envisage the same lack of response from Uber. (Reduce liability for Uber with James River leaving, driver is probably in a Legal minefield to sort out themselves.

  • I have started getting out of the car and asking for their destination before their PIN.


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Used to be that when I brought a passenger to SAN airport, Uber would immediately jump me to the head of the queue and hook me up with a passenger then and there, going to a destination outside the airport area.

If they keep doing that, do I have to go through this PIN business now?

I have no intention of sitting in the corral.


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This could land U/L in hot(er) water with the state. The rides are not arranged in advance. They're made on demand. Uber's caught flak for PIN codes in the past.

Also, add another thing to the bucket of 'uber drivers are legally employees.'


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Wonder what happens when you enter a wrong code on get a cancel fee, LOL. If it works, I'll be all thumbs all the time hahaha.

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UGH, great...just more complicated bullshit that's going to make me stay away from the airport. Dropping people off is fine. Rematch was cool...hate waiting in the stupid queue. This just seems SAN even that busy??

It does say it is a PILOT program, so maybe if we all tell them how much it sucks, they will just g back to the normal way to do things.


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Signs went up at T1 today. The Uber Zone is now East of the first pedestrian Crossing

I give it till... Saturday 3pm before:
  • Nose to tail fender bender from Uber vehicles backed up trying to get in.
  • SAN traffic starts waving Uber vehicles around for laps of the T1 circle.
  • Second lane becomes the defacto “get in with no luggage” lane.