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New Pickup Messages ..


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Look for the pimp on the corner!
Gave directions to my wife once to pick up a needed auto part.
"Hyw 80 south. Powell St exit, turn left. San Pablo Ave, turn right. Go past the second hooker and look across the street. The parts store is right there."
She said it was spot on.
Good thing one of them wasn't busy or she'd of gone all the way to Oakland.

At a Dodger game they’ll say look for a Dodger jersey
I used to hunt with a group of guys who all had Jeeps, and CB radios.
One day one of the guys rolled his Jeep over on its top and didn't have the strength to set it up again, needed a vehicle with a wench.
We kidded him for weeks about his reply when someone asked where he was.
He said he was "down the Dry Creek Trail, next to the green tree."

Oh. THAT tree.
sure, be right there.

When I got there I had my wife with me. I told her "Ok. Get out and get that Jeep back on its wheels." She gave me a blank look, like 'wtf'. I said, "Well, you are my wench, aren't you?"


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You can turn "Read rider messages" off in the app settings, fyi.

But each and every time you update the app they will continue turning it back on so be sure to turn it back off. They also turn the app back on and immediately start tracking you when the app is updated so be sure to force close the app unless you like them watching where you are at all times during the day.