New Pandora Radio built in to Uber Partner App


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Anyone get the Pandora radio on their Uber app after the last update?

Anyone know how much data it uses on your phone when listening?


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Ya I have it but stuff like that is a pain in the ass. The best set up is just a 6 ft aux cord. Let them play what they want.


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I'm on virgin mobile and they dont count streaming music toward you data total. For the record @@@@ the pax, I play what I want. used to ask them now I dont. still have a 4.92 after 2000+ rides


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I have it on my iphone, but It was either the music, or the verbal directions, and I like the verbal directions in my bluetooth. I am hooking up my verizon tablet to my aux cord and gonna play Pandora on it. I can only listen to the same 15 songs so long on the radio. Ughhhh Pandora is pretty great though. For once, Fuber did something right.