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Hey guys, just started driving for uber on July 5th. I have a bunch of questions, hopefully some can help

Is it worth driving for Uber while renting out a car for $400 a week? My car is an 05 and not eligible to use it for uber.

I live in Astoria, NY. It's a good location to start the day and pick passangers up, but I just don't see how the money can be good since renting the car comes out to about 57 a day and gas comes out to 20 a day. Even if you take off a day or two, you still have to pay $114 worth of rent while you're not making a dollar

Uber guarantees $1500 a week for your first four weeks. The first two weeks are rent free, so I was able to save about 2K total for the first two weeks and even with paying $400 a week and receiving $1500 guarantee, it's worth it in my opinion.

Last week, the total in fares was $1350 in 50 hours of driving. After uber's 35% cut, I am left with 877. Minus the 550 in rent and gas, I am left with 227. You can make double the amount of money working minimum wage

Now, uber has been adding the difference and paying out 1500, but now that the guarantees are over, how am I supposed to work like this? Making 227 a week? 400-500 on a good week??

Also, whenever I take a ride from Ny into jersey, it takes an hour to get back due to traffic. How do you guys deal with that? Do you operate out there until you decide hour day is done? What happened if the rides push you farther and farther away from your house and you end up 3 hours away from home?

I'm thinking this may not be for me. I've been stressed since I started
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First you say it's worth it in your opinion, and you turn around and say that $227 won't cut it.

Make up your mind.

Maybe sell your 2005 car and add a couple of thousand dollars on top. Then buy a car a year or two newer than the year Uber accepts.

The area question, you need to ask in the NY forum. Those drivers would be much more able to help you.