New Lyft driver, starting Uber soon!


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I'm an Army Vet driving while completing an online MBA program and its going okay.

I've been driving for Lyft about a week and my background was just cleared by Uber(should be driving in a few days). Lyft has been good and I've received tips on 95% of my rides. Still trying to find good spots at good times to minimize dead miles. It's been a fun week though!

Any suggestions? Is there a driver meetup anywhere?

Uber On

Lyft is much slower here in San Antonio, Uber will keep you busier. Make sure to log ALL your miles from the time you leave home to the time you get back - tax deduction. I would recommend not driving around to minimize dead miles. Find some place to park and wait on the next ping. Good luck.


Are you getting tips 95% of the time in SA? I get tips maybe 25 or 30% of the time with Lyft. With an almost perfect rating I don't think its me. Lyft is slow in SA. I get at least 6 or 7 rides on Uber to each 1 on Lyft.