New kind of riders!

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I do not drive much anymore. I live near the SY Border and usually its easy to get a longer ride north. I have almost 2 hours online today, and either they cancel before getting charged or POOL riders are not there. I wait only 2 minutes, if not there I am not looking for them.

Some other riders want me to get to them, but I drive a vehicle in which I can't drive inside the shopping center. How stupid can they be, they don't understand they need to walk to the perimeter of the shopping center.

I know all of them are not from this area, but that's no excuse to lack common sense.

Imagine these same riders when drunk!

I received a Lyft request from Evans and he wanted to be picked up on the closest spot to the border (street open only to taxis and goverment vehicles). The Jack in the box was too far to him, and the taxis just in front of him were to expensive I believe.

Where's all the great riders we had before?

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There's a rating system for a reason,1 star them and let the other drivers not accept his call because of low ratings
All the riders Lyft and Uber had good rating, most had 5.0. Today I had not been able to rate none of them.