New jax airport queue


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What does everyone think about the new airport queue. I know it's still against the law to pick up at the airport. But I personally like that people waiting longer will now have a fare chance of getting rides. Honestly it makes me think even harder about going 100 percent legal.


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This Queue that has a Geo fence 95 / 295 / pecan park road, which also eliminates flyby pings on the departure and arrival area and parking at double tree Inn
The non medallion Uber x and XL are going to the cell phone lot to wait for a pings thus the Uber Black Drivers can identify the cars because they constantly are monitoring the rider app
it wont be long till the $500 tickets are extra luggage


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Means I can't jump the queue any more ;( I had figured out the perfect place to sit and get the next ping every time. Good news is you can now gas up, or use the bathroom at one of the stations by Duval and potentially get pings from River City as well.


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I plan to drive for during the FL GA game weekend. This thread is a few months old, has anything changed in terms of picking up at the airport for uberx drivers?


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When you are legal at the airport, you pay $2.50 for every ride you pick up at the airport. _ That's for Josh. UberGNVPartner, the only thing that has changed is that there is an increased presence of the Airport Authority Police every single morning at the Airport. I'm not sure if its because the UberBlack drivers are reporting the X's that they see on the map or if they are just doing stings, but just in the past few weeks alone, I have seen cops on Segways pulling cars to the sides and there are at least 3 SUV's parked in the lanes every day. .Oh, and there is an estimated $2MM dollars of unpaid fines & tickets sitting on the records of Uber Drivers (and being sent to collection agencies) in Southern Florida. That's all folks.


Those fines in Southern Florida were as much $2,010 per driver and Uber hasn't helped them at all..