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New in Fayeteville Arkansas


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Hello Everyone

My Name is Andy. I got everything ready to start driving, I just havent started yet. Im a bit afraid from what I see in the news about cops giving tickets to Uber drivers in my area and stuff so I got a few questions if someone please could help me a bit I would greatly appreciate it, Even better if you drive in Arkansas and know the laws around here.

1. How can I check if my car insurance has the ''for hire'' thing or not? Should I just call and ask? wouldnt that be a bad thing to ask to them? is there a way to check without asking them directly? I have Geico.

2. If I get pulled over by a cop while with a customer, should I say anything about Uber?

3. If I get a ticket because im driving for Uber, would Uber reimburse me?

4. If I get in a accident and my insurance is under the policy ''for hire'' should I just act like a regular accident? If my insurance does not cover Im I responsible for every penny? what if it wasnt my fault?

5. If I get in an accident while signed on Uber but with no passenger, how would the insurance now I was working for Uber at that moment? What if the same happens but while driving a customer? How does the insurance finds out???

5. Is there any type of license or permit for Arkansas Uber drivers that would let me drive with no problems?

6. I drive for work to Kansas city and St Louis Missouri, could I drive for Uber up there too?

7. If Im driving 4 people in my car and they are not wearing seatbelts and I get pulled over, would I get a ticket becuase of them not wearing them?

8. What clothing should I wear?

I think thats all my worries for the moment, I have a full time job and Uber would help me a lot to help paying some bills.

thanks so much.
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