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New here and new to Private hire taxi, help with questions


New Member

Im totally new to private hire taxi and I just need to go to pick up my first ever license from Birmingham City council before starting a job like this for the 1st time. Hopefully by registering on these forums I will get good advice that can guide me in the right direction.

Ok the questions are:

- Where is the cheapest place online to get private hire insurance? Or does anyone know any local insurance places in Birmingham?

- What type of covers available for private hire insurance and what add ons are typically available?

- I have built up 6 years no claims bonus. Can this no claims bonus be transferred to taxi insurance?

- What insurance is needed for uber eats or uber health? Will normal car insurance will do for these?

- Does the address on the insurance has to match the address on the private hire license when applying for Uber? Is Uber a national company where there is no restrictions to where you can work in the country?

- How does Uber verify the uploaded insurance document whether it covers for private hire?

- Any other tips or advice on how to get the right insurance for cheap and what type of cover is suitable?