New Fraud Scam in Uber Drivers

Hidden Leaf Shinobi

Active Member
Hello team, there is a new scam that is currently happening that you need to be aware of. This is the first time this has happened in my 5 years of driving and here goes.

I got a for a pickup and where I got there I realized that the Department of Workforce was closed. The riders name was “Generated” in which I never seen before. So when I went to send a message to let them know I’m herethe response was to just call. So I called and a guy answered the phone andsaid that he was from Uber and that Uber was awarding for my 5 years of service and my driver rating of 4.9. He also said that I get a lot of great reviews and that i am being rewarded with a 100.00 dollar reward from Uber. He proceeded to do the regular verification process and asked me to log out of the app for safety process and for verification we will call you from the phone number on your account (after verifying it through me earlier) so when they call me back approximately 30 seconds after logging out they said that I will be given a promotion code and I had to switch my debt with the promotion code that he will provide for my supposed 100.00 bonus and at that point I asked wasthis a scam and started to ask questions and he hung up. I called the number back and it went to voicemail ((442) 307-9059‬) please be vigilant and safeguard your accounts and money.