"New" fare structure in Uber app is fake



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Fuber just changed a fare structure in their app. It shows now 32.66% uber fee in every fare which is fake unless they not charging pax upfront fare which I don't believe. The reason of doing it is that now they want to hide what riders pay for the trip and they are now showing you fake numbers of uber fee which is just calculated numbers from the driver's fare. They don't want you to know how much they pocketing. They screwed drivers again.
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if the all drivers stop working for 1 week . they lost all money .
They not respect us , but we are power ! without us they just Letters UBER . all dirty job on us . they sit in offices and think "oh we re at work"
They call it Job . They should work like us 1 month (if they can) 12 hours driving in traffic every day , with idiot pax . all weekend nights with drunked and druged pax . and after think about prices .
10 % its maximum that they have rights to .
i am really tired feel myself like peace of shit .
i dont know , i should care about my money? about my driving? about my passengers ? about my rating ? why i should think after every ride "may be that pax crazy and report me?" i am really afraid to work , cause they turned us into slaves(
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