New Driver, Where To?


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A LIE would be calling you an excellent passenger. A LIE would be calling you an excellent tipper. A LIE would calling you a person with great respect for Uber/Lyft drivers. What I said is NOT A LIE. Check your post history.
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1) I don’t give drivers 1 star for no reason, only if they rate me bad I change it adter
2) I tip if they’re nice or after I’m sure they gave me a good rating
3) I would never lie to take away someone’s livelihood and never advocated for that. You may be referring to me telling a driver who said he 1 started everyone that if a pax lied and did that to him with some complaint he’d lose his job



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You’re a dumb dumb sir
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Let's be real, we all know they're the same person.
With personality disorder.
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Brand new driving with Uber and Lyft.

During the week in the morning. Is it best to hang around down town?
How about in the afternoon?

Any way to develop and good game plan? Stay off the highways?
Welcome to the cool kids club. LOL

The first thing is that you're thinking about the question you asked. Perfect!

Now, imagine who it is that you'll be driving for. If it's in the morning, think of where those trips will originate, and then go there. The afternoon is likely to be a different scenario. Evenings are different still.

Maybe it's people going to the airport from downtown in the late afternoon. Maybe it's people in hotels going out to dinner in the evening. Maybe it's drinkers from nightclubs near closing time.

It's kind of like the old guides for how to meet people. Since you're a guy: As a guy, you would want to pick up a guide for women on how to meet guys. See where it says we should go to meet single guys, and then GO THERE!

There's a reason why there are taxi stands in certain places downtown. That's where those trips originate from. (No, it's illegal to park a non-taxi there, but you could park right next to it.)

Oh, and baseball games are my friend. Not as crowded as a football game, but still plenty of trips. Take people FROM the game, because all of the after-game trips originate from the same place.