New Driver, Where To?


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Brand new driving with Uber and Lyft.

During the week in the morning. Is it best to hang around down town?
How about in the afternoon?

Any way to develop and good game plan? Stay off the highways?

Thanks for any help and advice.


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You'll have to develop your own strategy by trial and error.

I have my own routine. It works for me. If I drive west when I leave home I'll probably get a quicker pickup. But then I'm often stuck in a crappy area. If I drive east it might take longer to get my first ride but I end up in a much more lucrative area.


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If a minor requests a ride and their destination is in some other state, I say go for it.
Candy and conversation will go a long way!

Can you give us a list of the open mic venues that your Acid Grateful Mother Waits Zappa Jazz Explosion Band will be playing this month?
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If you're smart, you'll use the search function to research specific questions that come up for you. There's a pretty rich data bank here that you can tap with a little effort. On the other hand, if you just ask a question that's been asked a million times here, you can expect to get some sarcastic answers. Actually, you should probably expect a lot of sarcastic answers no matter what. Many Uber drivers quickly become jaded, and it's not without reason. The following was my first post after two weeks. As you'll see, I got there quickly.

There's a lot that you will just have to learn the hard way on your own, especially about your local market; but there are also some things that come up for every driver, and reading how others before you have wrestled with it can accelerate your learning curve.

I'll just throw this out there for starters: if you have a really nice car, you should think carefully about whether you really want and/or need to do this.
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I like to hang out (camp in my car) in front of country clubs and rich people's homes with the app running, that way I'm guaranteed a ping from a rich person who will promise me a fat tip in the app

Grocery store parking lots, fast food / fried chicken joints are also guaranteed business; people can't go without eating in any sort of economy, can they? You're bound to eventually catch someone leaving and be the closest driver to the ping, leaving other drivers in the dust


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@AveragePerson is fair; if you provide quality brand name amenities he will rate you accordingly; Fiji water, original OEM Apple fast charging cables (3* max if 3rd party brand), Trojan brand lube for the roadside handjob, etc can potentially earn you 5*
But if you said NO to a stop at a drive thru, @AveragePerson will give you a straight 1star and a report to Uber regarding your professionalism.