New Driver To SLC


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I am moving to SLC in the coming weeks and will be transferring my Lyft and Uber accounts soon.
Wondering if I can get some honest and helpful feedback about best hours to drive, locations, and such. I have been driving for 2 years part-time and expect that I will be able to pick up directions and parts of town quickly.
Has anyone used the Rental Car program? My registration could take a couple weeks to get switched over so I might rent a car for the first couple weeks.
Any Feedback Would Be Awesome.


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Lyft you should be able to drive right away. Uber takes a bit of time.

Mornings and evening rush hours good. Airport can be a nice boost. Bar closing is 1:00 AM.

Venues: Vivant Smart Home Arena downtown. USANNA Amphitheater in West Valley. Real Salt Lake play at Rio Tinto. Each city also has their own outdoor theaters and stuff, but I wouldn't work around them per say. Also the Great Salt Air. But getting in and out of there sucks hard. However the rewards, especially when whatever is happening there ends can be very good.

Downtown SLC you can get $3 rided to death. But lots of people go from outlying areas to downtown on weekend...... so keep that in mind.

Outside that. Welcome to SLC and good luck! Took me a few months getting familiar with the area when I moved here 2 years ago.


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If you're into early driving, I recommend hanging around upper-middle class neighborhoods like Draper, Holladay or South Jordan. I get an airport ride 9/10 mornings from some of those areas.

Days suck IMO. I don't drive days anymore but did when I was unemployed. I recommend downtown during the day for businesspeople airport runs.

Weekend nights are good in many areas. Learn where the bars are and hang around there. 2100 south in Sugarhouse, down around 900 east and Van Winkle in Murray and Downtown of course.

Park City is good in the summer and winter - and it has higher minimums than SLC. But fall and spring are "shoulder seasons" where there's not a lot of tourist traffic.

Good Luck!