New Driver.. Questions


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So after my first day...

Under payment statements it shows 94% acceptance rate, but I've never declined a ping.
Is it a race to accept a ping. Got one this morning and as I was unlocking phone nothing showed?

I have two vehicles, a 2015 Honda Odyssey and 2007 Honda Element. Do I make more money using the Odyssey and how do I not accept the chapter fares with it or is that possible? How much more does XL pay?

I'm going to get my Class E license for S&G and already have commercial insurance. just FYI I know it's supposedly not needed, but haven't figured out how it can not be needed if that makes sense.

After taxes I don't see this as making much, 10 hours on 165 total fares, estimated pay 110 less 20 bucks in gas. We won't talk about tips as there was a single 2 dollar tip. All 5 star rating though and 10 of 13 rated me which didn't seem bad.




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If you don't know how much per mile it costs per mile to operate your car you will not be able to figure net profit or loss. Factor this in with not being paid to drive to pu passengers you will discover that you are basically donating the value and investment for money in your car and time (depending on how much YOU valve it) to a Billion dollar corporation. I operate under a 501C3 not for profit self propriety incorporation therefore do not have to pay tax on a net loss annually.
Over 250,000 now former Uber drivers have figured this out and now have or are currently during and receiving monetary damages and compensation from Uber in state class action lawsuits or u can sue Uber personally like Barbara Ann Berwick did in California and receive 100% reimbursement for all costs and expenses related to your car. Didn't uber corporate tell you this when you started? Why NOT!
What do I know: Get paid PARTNER!


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Get a tip box, and square to promote tips. I created a plexi glass strap on tip box with chargers that hang out of it and velcrow it to my armrest. It has the square logo with all the credit cards so if they want to put a tip on the card, not a problem one swipe with square and there is my tip.

Unclear about acceptance rate, I know i get a lot of nasty grams saying i have not taken 80% , I just ignore it and take as many as I can unless the customer cancelled me just a minute ago, or was a no-show and I left, or its in a shady neighborhood, or too far of a distance I usually take all that i am offered.

The honda Odyssey would be uber XL (7pax) and yes I think its base rate is like 7.50 and i think its like $1.65 a mi or 1.90. Unlike x is $5 base and $1.20 a mi.

Uber has slowed way down for summer, college kids are out, people are traveling out of town. And they change the surge system so there are way less surges... Every month that goes by they make it harder for us to make any decent money FYI. We started at $1.90 last summer , then droped to $1.65 a mile, then droped to $1.20 a mi. Each time uber saying ."this is only temporary for winter" but the temporary becomes the norm. I only uber when its busy its not with my time to go "looking for pax". Waste of gas and money and time.


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XL pays $1.80 a mile and $.30 a minute if you know how to get XL fares, which is an art. Uber, however, takes 28% of the XL fare. There's no way to avoid X unless you ignore them and/or know how to avoid them. Your acceptance rate also includes pax cancels. Pings roll to the next driver after so many seconds of not accepting. You need a class E to avoid that particular ticket, but not to be an Uber driver. If you're only clearing $9 an hour after just gas, there's a lot of upside you can learn about when and where to work. This isn't a good full time income though, so don't count on it.
By the time you pay for gas, maintenance, and depreciation on your vehicle, on average, you're lucky if you make minimum wage, working in the St. Louis Metro area during the week. From 10pm - 7am, Friday and Saturday, you can probably do better, or big event weekends, or huge holidays like Cinco De Mayo, St. Patricks day, Mardi Gras, New Year's Eve, Christmas hokidays, otherwise average weekdays, average pay per hours worked (When your app is on) is probably less than minimum wage, and you put massive miles on your vehicle! I have to change my oil on average every month.
Today, I had several short rides early morning, been sitting over an hour since my last request, made about $25 in 2.5 hours. Take into account gas, that knocks it down to $19, in 2.5 hours. This isn't far off from a typical early morning, sometimes I do better, sometimes worse, and I don't waste gas driving around between riders, just sit and wait for a request, to conserve both gas, and mileage on my vehicle.
The only way your fare could be negative, that I'm aware of, is if you use the Uber fuel card, which deducts cost of gas from your weekly paycheck. In order to receive an Uber fuel card, though, you have to make at least 100 trips in a month. As for driving legally for UberX/UberXL in St. Louis, MO, the MTC guy that ticketed me, said even if I meet all the required licensing criteria by MTC, you still can't drive legally for Uber at this time, because they are not a CCN approved company in St. Louis, MO. I think UberBlack is legal, according to MTC criteria, in St. Louis, MO. Hope this helps.