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New Driver & "Phantom Rider"

Discussion in 'Detroit' started by Driving Miss DeeDee, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. Hey guys!!! I just started driving in the Detroit area yesterday. I had 2 riders and all went smoothly. Then just as I dropped off my second rider I got a request for a new rider whose name was Kelly. So I drove there and when I got to the house I waited for longer than 5 minutes. I called and it went straight to voicemail so I left a message stating my name and I work for uber. I said I had arrived for Kelly and stated the address. I said I'd wait 5 more minutes and then leave. Just as I was about to leave an old man came out of the house and said he didn't call uber and this has happened before. I checked the phone # and it was the same as the previous rider. So I texted him and said I don't know what happened but I was given a name of Kelly with his # and I told him to please disregard the voicemail. I left feeling very confused so I emailed that guy Craig from uber (the one that approved my profile picture) trying to explain the situation. Has this ever happened to any of you? I went offline and haven't driven again yet in fear of this happening yet again. Who was Kelly? Why did uber send me to an old man's house? Why is this happening to him two times? Just...WHAT?! Help? Advice? Thanks!
  2. Oh My

    Oh My

    Wait 5 minutes, cancel-no show, collect fee. You're putting way too much work into it.
  3. Arttrans


    Royal Oak, MI
    I drive in the Detroit area. If it came from Uber with a name attached they must have an account. I start my stopwatch via my iPhone and when I hit five minutes I will send them a predesigned text telling them I am there waiting . If I don't get a response within a couple of minutes I will cancel the ride and get paid for it.
  4. DetroitDan


    Double check and make sure your phone number is listed correctly in your profile. If it's not in correctly you are calling random people and none of the pax can reach you.
  5. West Wayne

    West Wayne

    Phone numbers work on a double blind system so you and your rider can't see each others real phone numbers. It's for everyone's protection. It can be a bit of a problem because the riders don't recognize the phone numbers and tend to ignore 313 phone calls.

    As for the bad address and no show. Welcome to Uber. People do stupid stuff and you have a front row seat for all of it.
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  6. CommanderXL


    What Craig should have told you is that this happens all the time. So often, that there is an easy way for you to not only deal with it, but to get paid for the inconvenience (albeit not very much.) hit CANCEL then RIDER NO SHOW.

    It's just a rider no-show and in your case also a misplaced pin. Don't worry about it another second and don't let it stop you from driving. It will happen again and again, probably once every shift.

    You did all you need to. You arrived at the pin, you called, and you waited five minutes -- and that's more than a lot of other drivers will do. Great job!

    You just had a stupid passenger who wasted your time by not making sure her pin was where she was AND by not answering her phone or responding to your message. For that, she will be charged $5, provided that when you canceled you selected "Rider no-show." You don't need to email Craig. Trust me, that will get you nowhere lol.
  7. Neil Yaremchuk

    Neil Yaremchuk

    Hamtramck, MI
    For your personal notes, you don't work for Uber but rather you work for yourself. You just use the Uber infrastructure. Empowerment is a wonderful thing.

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