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New driver here!


New Member
I've been driving for about a month as a side job for extra cash. I'm having trouble with weekdays! I can be on for an hour and get no requests, no matter what time of day. I've had a couple successful Thursdays, but today I've had literally no requests. Am I just driving in the wrong areas or what?


New Member
Well let me know what areas but in my experience Dayton is slow on weekdays big time. Too many drivers not enough riders. I only drive at peak times now. Those would be when people are going to work, getting off work, and weekends. A couple of things I have learned (others might have better advice). Stay away from UD, you'll only get really short fares. Airport in my opinion has way too many drivers and not enough riders. East dayton is much better than west dayton. You can do ok downtown I usually prefer though to stay in Miamisburg, Centerville, Kettering. I've also had good fares in beavercreek but I usually don't work that area as much.