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New Driver Experience

Discussion in 'Singapore' started by gridweave, Sep 11, 2015.

  1. Hi All uber bros,

    Just joined uber few days ago, sharing my experience and earning so far.

    Driving weekday 5pm to 2am ( 9 hours ), an average of $150-$170 per night ( around 250KM )

    Here is the break downs for car rental & petrol
    average $160 per night - uber comm ( 20% ) = Balance $128
    ( Car Rental ) $57/day + ( Petrol ) $35 ( per day - 250km ) = $92 - $128 = $36 ( your earning per day )

    This is my breakdown of my earning for driving uber, where my rental is cheaper than most of those uber driver who rent car from other Car Rental Company.

    I sharing my own experience here with all the new uber driver or who think of joining uber as driver.

    IMO if it is your own personal car, the earning should be better by additional $30-$40.
  2. kruncho


    $4 per hour?
  3. yes about $4 per hour.

    So the new incentive that uber had roll out is not sensible at all.
    The guarantee per trip is almost the same as what we earn on average. We can take it as no incentive except for those " lucky " ones.

    Uber driver is increasing much more faster than rider i think mainly we are lure in by the previous incentive $37/hour.
  4. kruncho


    No thanks to the $200 referral incentive.
  5. Harriston


    Brother Gridweave.
    Given the situation of $36 for 9 hours or $4/hr average earnings, do you plan to continue?
  6. Harriston


    The new accelerator guarantee makes it difficult for those who drive less than 20 hours to make a living. So some part timers may drop out.

    If this happens, then full-time drivers may get more pings. However, they have consistently to work harder to reach and exceed the 1.8 TPH.

    You may start each evening well. But you only need one long trip with multiple drop offs to screw up the evening's TPH.

    Only if you are very lucky can you avoid a long trip during the 5pm - 11pm hours.

    But will you be so lucky day after day, week after week?

    The law of averages will still get you. You have to be lucky for 7 days in a row to hit that illusive $42/hr.

    If you get it this week, will you still be so lucky next week?

    Good luck.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2015
  7. Harriston


    The problem is Uber's marketing make it sound so easy and effortless. It's only after one has started driving that you realize is not that easy.
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  8. Harriston


    One good thing is that Uber pays weekly. For those of us with families to support this is very helpful.

    When you get sucked into the need for weekly payouts, you find yourself reluctant to leave.

    Then you get into a Hotel California trap. You can check out any time but you can never leave.

    With Uber, you can go offline any time but you can never leave.

  9. Yes i think will switch over to grabcar for the time being until Uber come out with a better incentive.

    And uber office is really screw up. Existing drivers enquiries, new driver registration or customer service and everything all cramp into that miserable 1 or 2 front desk.
    No clear sign to which counter to queue for what purpose. The office layout and planning really sucks.
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  10. Roystenkoh


    To those who think uber will come up with better scheme ... Think again. .. I believe the scheme will get worse and worse till it's almost Same, if not less than fare. Only those lucky few that clock many short trips will benefit from it. Otherwise , the majority will be running on fare alone. The new scheme for next week. 1.9 tph for 80 plus hours to get 40 per hour. Seriously. I don't know how much longer uber will last in Singapore. Fare is much lower than cab. And Even weekly trips incentive is took out. Really see no point in the scheme.
  11. Uber knows for sure there will be drivers out there who have no choice due to the car rental minimum months contract.

    But if more Uber drivers start switching to grab cars, do you think Uber will increase the better incentive back?
  12. Roystenkoh


    No. I doubt they will change . I advise you not to hold high hope for it.
  13. Roystenkoh


    1 driver quit.
    3 New driver come in.
  14. HotSpark


    Then let's do the responsible thing by inviting our friends n family to visit this forum before they sign up as a driver. Let them have a chance to peek at the other side of the Uber screensaver.

    Personally, I wouldn't want my friends n family to blame me for inviting them into hot soup for any amount of referral fee. It just doesn't stick well on my conscience.
  15. wee2


    For me.

    I drive 630am -10am and 5pm -11pm.

    I clock average $250. And I force myself to drive longer if into the midnight if I don't hit $250.

    $250-20% =$200.
    Fuel $50.
    Own car $50
    Take home $100.
    I don't care about uber incentive.
  16. This F1 sucks big time. Almost 2 hours rounding not even a single ping. Wonder is it the uber app got problem or what. Saw a lots of uber drivers around rounding and waiting for pings too.

    Work so hard manage to get 1.5tph and now bcos of this, all incentive gone. Really suck big big time
  17. Phantom


    They over hyped this F1 thing. Anyway gonna quit Uber this month. No incentives and with this kind of fares.. gg.
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  18. SGUberGuy


  19. New weekly Incentives is out.
    Guess what, It is getting from bad to worst.
    But good for those still half hearted uber drivers thinking should they switch to GC or quit.
    This is the best time as we see from here, Uber is not going to make the incentive better for you guys to earn.
    Instead they will make it worst.

    Let switch or quit.
    Thinking of how to better inform those new driver or those thinking of becoming uber drivers.
  20. Yesterday was a charity day for me. Giving out free rides

    Total trips: 6
    Total earning: $95 ( after uber comm left $80 )
    Car rental $57 + $25 (petrol)

    Guess how much i left with?

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