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New Driver - any advice is helpful

Discussion in 'Sacramento' started by sherbertlemon, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone, I'm a new driver in Sacto. I can honestly say I have no clue about how to do this, where to go to get pings, etc. I'm in Lincoln and don't have a problem with the burbs. I would just love some advice from you vets. Thanks.
  2. Sacto Burbs

    Sacto Burbs

    SF Peninsula
    Go to Roseville during the day starting about 6am to get your feet wet and learn the app. Follow the instructions in my signiature for a week. You will learn by doing - from nice passengers.

    Be patient. Don't drive over 10 min to a ping.

    Leave your app on at home. There is surge frequently in the late evening in Roseville.

    Download Sherpashare or Hurdlr to track your miles to help make each trip more profitable.
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  3. Ok so I've done completed 2 weeks so far and my profit has been garbage. I have had a day or 2 that wasn't terrible, however, each week as a whole were awful...less than $200 each. I will admit that 1 pax gave me a fricken awesome tip. But I'm seriously frustrated.

    I'm not a fan of downtown or midtown and only go down there if that the destination. So I hang out in Roseville. Yesterday was a total joke, Less than $50 for 9.5 hours.

    Tried a Friday night had to cancel twice.

    Sacto Burbs: I don't know what your signature says so I'm not sure how I can use it. I do, however, use hurdlr religiously.
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  4. Sacto Burbs

    Sacto Burbs

    SF Peninsula
    Over 9 hours? Never work 9-5. The other hours are when people need rides.

    Don't work Tuesday or Wednesday. No one needs rides.

    Truth be told, you're not going to make any money right now. The discount rate is just too low.

    That means you have to work the surge. Full disclosure, I don't work surge hours usually. Study the heat map.

    Plenty of dive bars in Roseville if you want to put your toe in after midnight Fri and Sat.
  5. AJUber


    don't work for Uber ...best advice .
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