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New car, updated my TNC...and no rides all day.


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Had it uploaded around 2:30pm, showed as Pending and then Active by 4. Almost 8 hours later...nothing. Even on my slowest days, there've been pings every two hours.

It actually took me hours to realize how long it had been and I didn't immediately think of the TNC (since it had been approved). Around 8:30, I called Support and got the "sign out, uninstall, turn off your phone for 10 mins, reinstall and pray" dance. Nothing. Even drove around and sat downtown for 10 mins. A total of two hours later, called again. Sigh. This time the guy tells me the TNC was approved at 9:30pm. WTF? Even so, that's two hours ago now and there's always some pings this late at night.

Still stuck at the "now that it's been approved, log out/in again and wait some more" BS.
Was just about to hit Submit on this when finally got a ping. 1:40 now and calling it quits. Picked up another $50 in the last two hours so that helps take the sting out of a wasted day.


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Go on the Niagara Facebook group for Uber. They say it's very busy. Not my experience but a different perspective.

How long have you been driving?