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(New)ber driver here, can you see where they are going before you accept the ride?


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I have the iPhone app, is it possible to see where the rider's destination is before you accept the ride? What if you accept it, get there and don't want to take them to their destination? Thanks for any feedback!


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Only way to tell is to look at the pax:

If they have luggage and Airplane tickets in hand, they are going to the Airport.

If they have swim trunks / bikini and towels, they are going to the Beach.

Otherwise no way to know.


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Uber does not show rider destination because one of the core value propositions of Uber is the reliability. In many US states, ridesharing regulations also make it illegal for drivers to refuse fares based on destination.

You are more than free to decline rides if the destination is outside of the Uber service area.


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Yeah, there is no way of knowing. Even if they have luggage, that is no guarantee they are going to the airport or train station. They could be going to work 1 mile away in downtown, and they are travelling later in the day.

Also, I have called the pax ahead to find out if I have something going on or am ready to go home.
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