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New app today


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Just saw my app changed to new version. well besides that it is easier to see the earning on top, really not much comparing with old one. thoughts?


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Airport Q's different. You can now see both AP's and tells you how many of each platform (that your on that is)

Little cleaner if you ask me, don't know how it acts with a request because i haven't had one since it updated.
The surge is different - And I like it. Don't have to zoom in to see what the ACTUAL surge is. It will list 1.3 or 2.1 or 1.7 or whatever the surge is in that area. For example, am able to see the actual surge Downtown while in Richardson without having to move the map around/zoom in,

I like that we can now see the number of X, XL, Select, Black in the the airport queue - both airports.

Like tnkvick mentioned - it does seem cleaner and maybe more intuitive. I have not accepted a ride with it yet since I am not planning on driving until the weekend - but a friend did say the navigation is better.
Just saw my app changed to new version. well besides that it is easier to see the earning on top, really not much comparing with old one. thoughts?
I am at the DFW airport and I don't see my Uber app placing myself in a queue is there something wrong with the app or do I need to update it or does it need automatically updated? Please help


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is the new app on android available. i am using Ver 3.177.10008 and google play store is not showing any update for me


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is the new app on android available. i am using Ver 3.177.10008 and google play store is not showing any update for me
This is a automatic update that does not require an app update. This is likely based on a flag that Uber marks on a driver to get the update and it automatically pushed. It is likely based on location as well.

Example: I was in San Antonio a few weeks ago. My app changed to the new app layout. Once I left San Antonio it reverted back to the old app. I am pretty sure in the DFW market, some drivers will see the new app when they end up in the core of DFW but when they head back to the sticks, it will revert back.

Just wait, you will get it. You’re not missing much.


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is the new app on android available. i am using Ver 3.177.10008 and google play store is not showing any update for me
Like others have said, it is automatic update. I woke up with new app on my phone. I have S8, though I don't think it is matters which phone/android version. My new app stays on when I was in Garland and South Dallas yesterday.
Will try the app tomorrow and through the weekend when I do fuber during the weekend. I sure hope there are some positive changes on the map.

So if they take off the Cancel and decline rate, is Uber still tracking them? to answer my own question, I am sure they track every freaking thing we do when the app is up.


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Just spent the first hour with the update, and my passengers showed a drop-off point in Africa... Luckily I knew where they were actually going, but I may have it switch me over to Waze until it starts behaving itself. :biggrin:


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I had a DFW queue delay issue as well. My first thought was, "my gawd, they've fix the app so it doesn't queue in drivers parking in the north entry cell phone lot (aka the ghetto)." it did eventually let me in the queue, but not queueing drivers upon arrival did happen to me.

My three experiences entering the DFW queue with the new app over the past 2 days
1) 2~3 minute delay to queue entry
2) 15 minute delay to queue entry
3) 2~3 minute delay

Overall, I think the APP update is nice, but don't see a unique benefit to the driver. Nothing which really helps drivers increase their pick-ups or earnings.

Totally guessing and adding some conspiracy theory angst to the mix ... The app seems to be really touch about surge areas. Quicker removal of information, less surge information displayed when in offline mode, and drivers can no longer expand surge graphic to see best areas to cherry pick.

My 2 cents


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So between yesterday morning and last night I got the new APP and I drove with it last night pickup and dropping off all the TCU students at their syllabus week parties. Not convinced its better yet, but a couple of things I noticed.

1. None of my pings showed surge. Thought I got jipped when I picked up people in a x2.5 surge area, but when I looked at the ride details afterwords I did get the surge.
2. I think the Uber maps are improved, they had the updated streets in west 7'th area and It now show lane guides(like google maps) for taking exits or turning. I didn't like how it turned on voice directions by default.
3. switching between uber and lyft is easier now and you no longer have to wait for the "uber is still running" notification to uncover the lyst on/off switch.
4. I had one rider who's phone died and needed to update his destination, I couldn't find a way to update it from the driver app like we could before, thankfully I have had chargers and he was able to restart his phone and did it from there.
5. The drivers rating now show the number of 1-5 star ratings you have received vs the percentage before.

Cary Grant

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My app updated in mid-shift last night, when I stopped for a Coke.

Surge showed up, nice hazy blue cloud. The app is significantly more difficult to read, especially at night. I did get some surge trips last night, and there was a persistent surge cloud over Lower Greenville while I was somewhere else.

Several trips, I could not confirm the destination address as it never was visible on the app. Their pickup location showed as the destination, even though I could see a route on the app, and Waze navigated properly. That's glitchy. Pax even commented that the app seemed poorly designed, and that Uber has no logical or reasonable excuses or defenses for pushing out poorly thought out apps onto drivers. I agreed.

The ONLY upside so far is that I had this one warning to drive in a specific direction, because of expected demand. This actually worked. I drove to a spot, and a few blocks before I arrived, I got a decent fare. No surge visible on the map, but the trip had a 1.2x surge.

Reviewing trips is more of a pain than before, and I review trips and fares frequently.

The sounds changed, and I don't like that at all.

Overall, I give this update the grade of F for Fail.


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3 rides since the app update. Navigation froze in the middle of the first ride and I had to reboot my phone. I had the same navigation issues on the next two rides to find people in apartments and gated communities. Turn by turn navigation improved.


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I'm already hating this new app. Drove around today for over an hour, only received pings from Lyft. Finally received a message from Uber saying "No matching rides" so it prompted me to change my ride matching. I look and the damned "UberX" option is not clicked. Go to click it on, it turns on, back out of the options screen, and drove around some more. Still not matching me, check the options setting again, and again for some reason the stupid UberX option is turned off. Turn it back on, exit the screen, then go back in. Again, the same thing. Rebooted, still the same results. Finally, I switched vehicles, and turned UberX on for my Uber Select qualifying vehicle, switch vehicles back, finally the stupid UberX setting stayed on. What a Cluster F.....